We Melted the Frost

Yesterday, Battlechickn, Ihasboomstik, Karse, a guildmate, and I paid Frost Lord Ahune in normal Slave Pens a visit as part of the Midsummer Fire Festival.

We summoned him three times, seeing [Icebound Cloak] drop once and [Shroud of Winter’s Chill] drop twice. We would have summoned him a fourth time, but me being stupid completed the summoning quest before we were ready, so we ran out when the elemental came out to reset the encounter.

Karse accidentally pulled one of the stray naga groups during the second fight, but fortunately this was normal Slave Pens, not heroic.

Battlechickn is getting better at tanking!


Coilfang Adventures

Battlechickn needed more Cenarion Expedition reputation to get his [Earthwarden] for tanking, and it just so happened to be that we were all online, and Gruul’s with guild was cancelled, so we went into Heroic Slave Pens.

The crew of Cornell Eats Your Face meets Rokmar the Crackler.

It’s nice when you have a group of friends whose composition makes for a perfect 5-man instance group.

Davidmelech picked up [Boots of Blasphemy] from Quagmirran. Ihasboomstik and Battlechickn also picked up the original attunement quest for Serpentshrine Cavern.


World Drop Bonanza

This past weekend, I went into Heroic Hellfire Ramparts and Heroic Sethekk Halls.

Two heroic instances. Two BoE world drops.

[Valanos’ Longbow] and [Leggings of Beast Mastery].

Since I’m using better equipment, both went to Ihasboomstik as gifts.:-D

Battlechickn and Ihasboomstik also went to their first Karazhan event ever, accompanied by Tormund’s shaman alt Karse.


The Raven God is Mortal

After an adventure in Heroic Sethekk Halls, the Raven God Anzu is dead. We started out rough; the group fell apart twice before we reached the first boss. After some search, we formed a new group and headed back in. Anzu was a tough fight since none of us really remembered or knew how the fight with Anzu goes. After a quick recap of the fight on WoWWiki, we hoped for the best and one-shotted it.

Battlechickn in swift flight form.

Congratulations to Battlechickn on the newly acquired swift flight form!


< Name > gains Stealth.

I was on campus yesterday doing homework. When I had to go to the bathroom, I passed by a guy on his laptop. Playing WoW. He was at Ironforge and Isle of Quel’Danas.

There are more of us out there! :O

A few weeks ago, I found out there are more people who have played/are playing WoW in my major than I first thought.

I guess 10 million players does mean a lot of players.


Boomstik Unloads on MrT

Hello! Friendly neighborhood boomstik here! Thought I’d give my impressions on Magister’s Terrace since Loronar made a post.

I for one liked Magister’s Terrace. I had never done an instance like that one before (most of the Outlands instances I ran were not too challenging), and it was nice to see the new content. The actual instance shows a good deal of artistic effort, even if the fights are carbon copies of other things.

First boss, Davidmelech did one thing wrong: the boss shuts a door so if you’re not in the room when the fight starts, you don’t participate. As such, our mage was out of the entire fight. Although I guess he did provide helpful moral support.

We wiped on the second boss once…Think I was the first to die that time…

Third boss was mind numbing…we died so many times…we eventually FINALLY nailed down the “right” way that Loronar talked about…I was having difficulty trapping with no aggro table…

Tormund was doing a good job, considering the rust factor.

The only thing that’s sorta wrong about Loronar’s post was with regards to Kael’thas. It was not all out DPS towards the end…I’m OOM’d when Kael’thas was at like 3%. The last few percent were me auto-shotting and arcane shotting on the run from the balls. But we did it!!!

Next steps for me: Getting new gearz and gemz and enchantz. Running Kara?


Magisters’ Terrace? Magisters Tear Us

So patch 2.4 is out in full swing. My first impression is that Blizzard did an amazing job with this server collaboration thing. Since I didn’t start playing until summer of last year, I never got to experience the AQ opening event pre-BC. Since Blizzard used AQ as something for the servers to work on for a period of time before BC, I think this means WotLK will be out soon? Eredar hit phase 2 of taking Sun’s Reach on Thursday about 3:10 pm. There was a crazy rush to get the new quests from Sun’s Reach Sanctum. The Staging Area was almost deserted, at least until more people started coming.

Some of us did get to try out the new 5-man on Thursday. It wasn’t exactly the best of runs, but hey, it’s a new 5-man, and we’re learning. (That and Tormund and Davidmelech had just reactivated their accounts for 2.4.) The four of us, minus Battlechickn, decided to try out Magisters’ Terrace with a guild tank. So what was it like?

We wiped. Many times. Up to the point that all of us were broken at one point in there.

First boss: much like the Warlord Kalithresh fight in Steamvault. Second boss: much like The Curator fight from Karazhan. We actually died once on the second boss because Ihasboomstik has never run Kara before.

I think there’s something interesting with this instance. Each of the pulls had unique mobs. The 5-man pulls reminds me a bit like Shattered Halls, but needs more coordination to down. As a hunter, I’m not used to trapping things in small rooms, so my game was a bit off. But many of the pulls, like the third boss, was like a 5v5 PvP encounter in that the Priestess gets 4 random elites with her of a specific class and spec. Except that I very much hate PvP. We wiped about 6 times or more here. Finally, our tank was just like, “I’m out of ideas, you can try you want.” The last fight, I did by the book what we tried to do earlier.

  1. Trap the hunter.
  2. Kill the warlock’s imp.
  3. Kill the hunter’s ravager.
  4. Kill everything else.

It worked! After maybe an hour of getting stuck on them, time to move on.

The Kael’thas fight was a bit interesting since none of us except maybe our tank had been in The Eye for that Kael’thas fight. The floating zero-g fight is kinda disorienting, especially in such a small room.The first time, we wiped because the phoenix was hitting harder than expected. The second time, I died early in the zero-g phase because of stupid orbs… Then as we got to 5%, “Tormund has died”. Crap, there goes our healer. Next was Davidmelech and our tank. Ugh, this better not be another wipe. At 1%, Ihasboomstik just all-out dps’d him (being the beast master he is). We were like GOGOGOGO! Don’t die!

Suddenly, Kael’thas was down! Hunter loots! [Band of Celerity] to me (100-to-56 roll) and [Hauberk of the War Bringer] to Ihasboomstik (99-to-55 roll). At least we got something out of it. And I hit Friendly reputation with Shattered Sun Offensive too!

Should go practice that dungeon more…